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Cooper Searle Personal Management has been an agency since 2010 and was taken over and run by Theatrical Agency Director Emily Rose and Theatrical Agent Paul Rose in 2014. Representing actors, we have a huge knowledge and reach within the business. We are an upfront, truthful, approachable, genuine and trusted agency that guides and fights for our clients.

Here is what it's like to work with us:

Casting Director:   I've had the pleasure to deal with Emily and Paul professionally over the years and got to know them personally. I can genuinely say they are not only incredibly knowledgeable and helpful when dealing with them as a casting director; but they also really care about and are very supportive of their clients and care about the work their clients do. 

Actor:  Working with Emily for many years now, I can confidently say she is arguably the best agent I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Not only is she the upmost professional, she will put it all on the line for you and push until there’s nothing left to give. She’s all about you. Her work rate is unmatched and her desire to serve you as an actor is unrivalled. The support and backing she’s given my career has changed my life. I look forward to many more years of success.

Actor:  Emily is always just a phone call away whenever you need her. She gives sage, realistic advice and, above all, listens to you as an actor, empowering you to make the decisions you feel are right for your career. Whether performing or auditioning, you can rest assured she’s always there fighting your corner!

Actor:  I have been with Cooper Searle Personal Management for several years now. Not only do I appreciate that I can actually speak to my agent but that they have integrity, belief in me and always push me to go that little bit further.
I appreciate the projects I get to audition for and they open doors to some great opportunities with some exciting and prestigious projects. I will say that my career has gone from strength to strength and I feel that is because Emily and Paul know exactly who I am as an Actor and what roles I should be cast as. When they ask me to re do a self tape they are right 100 % of the time and in hindsight I have always done a better audition after doing so.
Acting is a tough Beast and having Emily and Paul in my corner makes me feel I have the support and confidence as well as honesty of a very well respected agency / management company to go forth and succeed.

Emily and Paul are amazing - they suggest actors I don’t know who always turn out to be fabulous.

Cooper Searle are precise, realistic and diligent. They go above and beyond - a joy to work with - I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Actor:  Emily and Paul aren't just great, they're exceptional. The feeling of being part of something small but mighty means that there's still a sense of family connection with a power boost behind you. They are encouraging, they are nurturing but most importantly they are honest - which is what we need as actors to stay grounded. I've never felt like they're just my agents, we're more a partnership and in constant evaluation of where I am in my life and what's best for me moving forward with my career. I love being part of the Copper Searle family.


Producer: Emily Rose and Cooper Searle Personal Management are always a pleasure to work with in casting actors. I have worked with Emily for several years, and she is easy to work with, fair with contracts and pricing, and very ethical. She is always helpful in providing many recommendations for casting and is extremely knowledgeable and supportive of a productions needs.

Actor:  I have been represented by Cooper Searle for almost 8 years now. During this time I've had numerous auditions thanks to Emily and Paul. Unfortunately, some didn't turn into a job, and there have also been some quiet times. As every actor I know, I have at times wondered whether it was because of me or because of my agent.
But during those times of self-doubt, Emily and Paul have always been there to reassure me of the reasons I got signed with them; have been there to tell me they believe in me; been there to recommend courses, ways to improve, to feel better about myself and my acting abilities. They have even been there for difficult personal times, taking time to talk to me about how I feel and making sure I take care of my mental health.
They'll give you a call when they think you can do better at a self-tape and they'll give you a call when they think you've done amazing. They make me feel really happy I signed with them.

Actor:  It is a privilege to be represented by Emily and Paul. As a team they have my back and I trust them with my life. They work beyond my expectations and certainly know the business. They keep me in check and up to speed within the industry and really do go to extraordinary lengths to make things work. Two totally open and honest beautiful humans that I am proud to call my agents.


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